[Suite Tooth CD]

Suite Tooth

Frank Mantooth Jazz Orchestra

©(P) 1987 Frank Mantooth and Sea Breeze Records®

1.If the Shew Fits5:16
2.For the Sake of Art7:49
3.If I Were a Bellson7:48
4.Scam and Eggs7:48
5.I Only Have Eyes for You4:12

Louie Bellson, Drums
Art Davis, Trumpet
Art Farmer, Trumpet/Fluegelhorn
Frank Mantooth, Arranger/Keyboards/Leader/Producer
Bobby Shew, Trumpet
Howie Smith, Sax (Alto)/Sax (Soprano)
Scott Robinson, Flute/Sax (Baritone)
Danny Barber, Trumpet
Scott Bentall, Trombone
Mark Bettcher, Trombone
Curt Bley, Bass (Electric)
Tom Garling, Trombone
Steve Houghton, Drums
Tim Kitsos, Percussion
Sam LiPuma, Guitar
Jim Massoth, Sax (Tenor)
Edward Petersen, Sax (Tenor)
Bill Sears, Flute/Sax (Alto)
Kelly Sill, Bass
Mike Steinel, Trumpet
Mike Young, Trombone